Eric Iversen's studio

Using digital tools, my work explores the interaction between intention and accident in non-objective gestural paintings. Basic computer graphics commands like Select, Copy and Paste play a central role in my practice, facilitating an image making process that allows formal elements to influence each other in unexpected ways and where spontaneous and unintended actions can easily be recorded, iterated, and recombined to create complex pictorial spaces.

Working in Photoshop, I create extemporaneous gestural marks that I layer and collage into complex drawings that create new spaces out of unexpected interactions between the marks. These digital drawings function as working diagrams for the final paintings, and are used to create stencils, produced with a computer assisted cutting plotter, that translate the works from the screen to objects. In their transition from ephemeral digital drawings to concrete paintings, the works continue to transform: the precision cut stencils are placed by hand, creating slight inevitable flaws in their registration; colors shift as they move from on-screen approximations to actual pigments; and painted surfaces modulate in opacity and density. The final pieces exhibit both a reliance on technology and an appreciation of the role that contingency plays in creating a physical object.

Eric Iversen is an artist and web developer living and working in NYC.

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